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SuRong – my favorite metallic yarn

20190411-DSC_0153 (3)

I know many people think that Chinese yarn is of poor quality. I live near the Chinese city and buy a lot of yarn there. And I know for sure that there is high quality yarn. Now I will show you one of them.

Metallic yarn has become popular recently. Famous brands: Ice Rock Star and Gazzal Rock and Roll. But what do you know about life on the edge of the country? In my village it is impossible to buy it. Oh, no, I lied … it can be bought, but at a very high price. China is a solution for me. I bought so much yarn here that I can easily talk about its quality.

20190411-DSC_0150 (3)
Su Rong metallic yarn

Yarn Information
Ingredients: 43% polyester, 57 % acrylic
Weight : 100 gr ( 1 scein)
This strand is very soft and pleasant. Crochet or knit from it is a pleasure. But there is one drawback: the thread can be confused and almost impossible to untangle back. The knitted product shines, this is the whole peculiarity of this yarn.


I crocheted my hat and managed to wear it before the onset of spring. Now I want to crochet a jacket of this yarn, this is my dream.

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